Thursday, October 8, 2009

Who is having second thoughts about obama?

Obama is a Socialist. Did you really expect him to tell you the truth about his agendas? Ever?

He is a great stage performer but is totally dishonest.
The man tried to sneak no less than four people onto his cabinet who should be in orange jumpsuits rather than three piece suits. One of them is collecting YOUR tax money when he's guilty of tax fraud. These people owed more in back taxes than Wesley Snipes, and he went to PRISON.
Then he introduces the largest spending bill in American history, asking for money for a whole bunch of crap we don't even need to be doing, and calls it a "stimulus" bill, which is nothing more than something to feed his agenda and stroke his ego. What does he do? He belittles Congress for engaging in HEALTHY DEBATE before just blindly passing it. Congress was designed to put a check on the President's @ss, and instead of allowing government to work the way it's supposed to work, he throws a tantrum.

I'm not the kind to say "I told you so." I am the kind who allows people their opinions and their vote. Vote for the candidate I dislike, I always say, as long as you get involved and vote. I don't say all this to throw it in the faces of those who voted for President Obama, but I do want to point out that all this was done in the first month of this guy's Presidency
I could never support Obama because I was aware he is one of the people who helped create this financial meltdown. You Liberals should have listened to us from day one when we warned you that he's an affirmative-action ACORN fraud, Muslim communist terrorist-enabler who hates America and is using the Coward Strategy to destroy our free-enterprise system and install a socialist police-state.

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