Sunday, October 18, 2009

Obama Fiddles While Afghanistan Burns

General McChrystal was very explicit in saying he needs more troops desperately or else the United States would be in danger of losing the entire conflict.
Did people stop dying in theater since Obama was inaugurated? Obama was very well briefed by the Bush Administration during the transition on all subjects. Bush did everything he could to ease the transition unlike he was treated after 2000. He has continued to keep his silence even though I am sure that the daily political attacks on him has to be infuriating. This is war time and our troops deserve a plan one way or the other.
Please people remember while Obama is dilly dallying our troops are being killed. Now that he has the Nobel Prize, who knows what he's going to do.
They really need our support right now. Moral is horrid. If you know someone who is in service now, please take the time to write them a note. Thank them for all they are doing for the rest of us. If you have the chance, thank the family also. The children of our troops are really scared. Some of these guys/gals are going over for the 5th time. The children do not understand. The guy in the big office was supposed to bring Daddy home not forget he is over there. Not only did he lie to everyone else, including the troops, he lied to us and he lied to the children.

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  1. Oh, but it all sounded so GOOD during the campaign! Who knew he was actually going to have to do the JOB or something? He has, only recently, begun to STOP sounding as if he's on the campaign trail every time he speaks - which is high in frequency & low in substance...