Saturday, October 24, 2009

The lefty’s hate-filled portrayals of President Bush. Was so a hypocritical

Is it just me, or have these liberals recently been guilty of hypocritical remarks more frequently than before? Maybe it’s just an illusion, but it seems that many are more eagerly giving up the facade of impartiality and logic in anticipation of defending the Obama administration or certain programs central to the liberal ideology. Especially on today’s Liberal blogs..
It was ok to call President Bush “Hitler” And to post pictures of him looking like a Chimp.
But now the shoe is on the other foot. The VERY same people who called Bush names, are now so upset at anyone that calls Obama names . What stinking hypocrites, don’t you think? .
And let’s not forget the pictures by the liberal blogs of Condi Rice holding a baby chimp. Or the liberal blogs calling Sarah Palin’s Downs Syndrome baby a “retard” or a “shoulda been abortion”. Or the mean vicious spews against Colin Powell calling him a House Ni**er.
Did you condemn the attacks on President Bush, as you now condemn the same kind of attacks on Obama? If not then you too are a hypocrite.


  1. I was not a big fan of W, but he looks like George Washington compared to President Hussein.

  2. lefties have no credibility. they change their tune constantly

  3. A simple one: Liberal Sarah Palin haters HATE her guts for the very same reasons they LOVE President Obama. Good luck getting one to admit it though.

    Another: President Bush did as I recall 6 fundraisers in his first year in office and I remember the screams about that still from back then in the media. President Obama 22 in 9 months.


  4. My thoughts exactly

  5. I find it mind-boggling that we are racists if we call Obama a socialist. Yet, they could compare Bush to Hitler.

  6. Not a fan of GWB by any stretch. But you are right, the socialist/statist BO makes good ole George look like a beacon of Liberty.

  7. The left sound just like the Muslims. They feel it is okay to disrespect Christians, Jews, and any other non-Muslim, but let non-Muslims disrespect them and they want to behead them.

    I wonder if the Democrats and the Muslims read the same playbook?