Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Swiss court orders Roman Polanski to be kept in jail

In writing today about Roman Polanski, my purpose is not to malign the child-raping son-of-a-bitch himself, but to discuss the broader cultural ramifications of Hollywood’s support for him.

What's particularly ugly about Hollywood's take on Polanski's crime is that it defies the absolute nature of the moral stricture against child-rape. That's what has inspired such revulsion. If Hollywood won't take a strong moral stand against something so universally condemned--then there isn't much left that it won't excuse. I hope that Polanski sees the world through one inch bars for the rest of his life. He committed a crime that is of the highest order. He violated a child. He will be sentenced and then tried for flight to escape imprisonment. Face up to your crimes Polanski. The Hollywood left will visit you. They think that you are a hero.
Whoopi Goldberg: What Polanski did was not “rape-rape”
Her comments, pretty much speak for themselves:

I know it wasn’t rape-rape… All I’m trying to get you to understand, is when we’re talking about what someone did, and what they were charged with, we have to say what it actually was not what we think it was…

Initially he was charged with rape, and then he pled guilty to having sex with a minor, okay. And then he went to jail, and when they let him out, he said “you know what, this guy’s going to give me a hundred years in jail, I’m not staying.” And that’s why he left…

What we were talking about was what he did, and that’s what I wanted to clear up, and that’s all I wanted to clear up. ‘Cause I don’t like it when we’re passionate about something and we don’t have all the facts…

We’re a different kind of society. We see things differently. The world sees 13 year olds and 14 year olds in the rest of Europe… not everybody agrees with the way we see things…

It doesn’t sound like she agrees with “the way we see things,” either.


  1. Whoopie is a freak show! I will give her credit for going on Hannity once-in-a-while though.

    I don't agree with 99% of what comes outta her gob, but she puts herself in the uncomfortable chair at times. More than you can say for 99% of the other Hollywood libtards!

    As far as Polanski is concerned - karma is about to be unleashed. His new name in prison will be Romi! ;)


  2. Um...these Hollywood, Washington & 'intellectual' elitist types are all so predictable - "we should strive to be like Europe," - even when they're so screwed up now, that they couldn't find their way out of a wet paper bag. AND they're so overrun w/ radical Muslims, they're gonna have SERIOUS problems in the very near future.

    Then they're gonna look to the US (again) to cover their a@#$ (again). If we keep going down the road we're going - placating, bowing, scraping to Europe - then there will be NO BODY to save the western world from the revenge that theocratic Militant Islam has been plotting since the days of the 'Great Crusades.'

    Meanwhile Whoopi, keep talking 'cause talk is cheap...I notice you don't have any 13 year-olds you need to protect. I do.

    I don't care if he's in Europe or Antarctica, keep that $#@#$ off the streets.

    Whew. I'm done now.