Saturday, October 24, 2009

The lefty’s hate-filled portrayals of President Bush. Was so a hypocritical

Is it just me, or have these liberals recently been guilty of hypocritical remarks more frequently than before? Maybe it’s just an illusion, but it seems that many are more eagerly giving up the facade of impartiality and logic in anticipation of defending the Obama administration or certain programs central to the liberal ideology. Especially on today’s Liberal blogs..
It was ok to call President Bush “Hitler” And to post pictures of him looking like a Chimp.
But now the shoe is on the other foot. The VERY same people who called Bush names, are now so upset at anyone that calls Obama names . What stinking hypocrites, don’t you think? .
And let’s not forget the pictures by the liberal blogs of Condi Rice holding a baby chimp. Or the liberal blogs calling Sarah Palin’s Downs Syndrome baby a “retard” or a “shoulda been abortion”. Or the mean vicious spews against Colin Powell calling him a House Ni**er.
Did you condemn the attacks on President Bush, as you now condemn the same kind of attacks on Obama? If not then you too are a hypocrite.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Swiss court orders Roman Polanski to be kept in jail

In writing today about Roman Polanski, my purpose is not to malign the child-raping son-of-a-bitch himself, but to discuss the broader cultural ramifications of Hollywood’s support for him.

What's particularly ugly about Hollywood's take on Polanski's crime is that it defies the absolute nature of the moral stricture against child-rape. That's what has inspired such revulsion. If Hollywood won't take a strong moral stand against something so universally condemned--then there isn't much left that it won't excuse. I hope that Polanski sees the world through one inch bars for the rest of his life. He committed a crime that is of the highest order. He violated a child. He will be sentenced and then tried for flight to escape imprisonment. Face up to your crimes Polanski. The Hollywood left will visit you. They think that you are a hero.
Whoopi Goldberg: What Polanski did was not “rape-rape”
Her comments, pretty much speak for themselves:

I know it wasn’t rape-rape… All I’m trying to get you to understand, is when we’re talking about what someone did, and what they were charged with, we have to say what it actually was not what we think it was…

Initially he was charged with rape, and then he pled guilty to having sex with a minor, okay. And then he went to jail, and when they let him out, he said “you know what, this guy’s going to give me a hundred years in jail, I’m not staying.” And that’s why he left…

What we were talking about was what he did, and that’s what I wanted to clear up, and that’s all I wanted to clear up. ‘Cause I don’t like it when we’re passionate about something and we don’t have all the facts…

We’re a different kind of society. We see things differently. The world sees 13 year olds and 14 year olds in the rest of Europe… not everybody agrees with the way we see things…

It doesn’t sound like she agrees with “the way we see things,” either.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sorry for the light blogging this week.

I think I’ve overdone it the last few days in terms of playing catch-up both in my personal life and at the 8-5 after my week and a half long bout with the flu, and I came home last night with a headache, a lingering cough, and a feeling of being wiped out so I decided to take some time off from blogging.
But I will be back blasting those who oppose our country with every last breath I take.. As I always will..

Monday, October 19, 2009

According to Alexander Downer, former Foreign Minister of Australia, ''Electing President Barack Obama for the Peace Prize was a political decision

According to Alexander Downer, former Foreign Minister of Australia, ''Electing President Barack Obama for the Peace Prize was a political decision of Stupidly!
One rarely wins a Nobel Prize of any sort without having actively lobbied on one's own behalf. Which is why it always strikes me as mildly hilarious when the winners feign shock and surprise at having won. They may as well have an out and out application process, because that is what, in reality, it amounts to (and don't let anyone tell you otherwise).

Everything Obama has done was contrived to show him as a "man of peace": the apology tours, the reaching out to the Muslim world, dithering on sending more troops to Afghanistan, the studied silence or non-action on Iran's election and the people protesting, silence on Honduras standing up for its Constitution, and, best of all, the beer summit. To Obama these non-actions and apologies contrast him, in his mind, to GWB who would never apologize to or reach out to so obsequiously. Well, I have news for him - Ronald Reagan was a man of peace because he stood strong against tyrants, thugs, and dictators.

Obama, Sharpton & Jackson are the racist here.

Buying Al Sharpton's hype that Limbaugh is a racist, Smith whined that football is at its best "when it overcomes division and rejects discrimination and hatred."

But who are the discriminations and haters here? Obama, Sharpton & Jackson are the racist here.

Sharpton blocked Limbaugh like Governor Orval Faubus tried to block black children from entering Central High in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957.
Limbaugh can't make an investment because some don't like him? Based on something he did? No, based on who they allege he is.
Barack Obama's friends, Mentors, religious advisers and alliances, look like the 'Who's Who of Radicals, Terrorists, Hate Mongers and Racists' in Americ
Once blacks could not live as equals in America because of their race. Because of bigotry, they could not freely mix in society at large, buy a house, get a loan, or vote.

Dr. King led a movement whose goal was supposedly that the ideals and laws of a free society apply to all. That a person's humanity and God given rights are generic and cannot be denied because of myth, slander, or innuendo about whom they supposedly are.

Unfortunately, these are not the ideals of the race entrepreneurs who took over this movement and who refuse to recognize its completion because it would put them out of business.

We see today that if Al Sharpton does not like a man, and he pulls circumstantial evidence to claim he is a racist, he can get that man's rights to freely operate and do business in our society abrogated. It is a process no different from the past in which racists produced "information" that "proved" that blacks were inferior and incapable of living as free and equal citizens.

But give credit where it's due. Sharpton is a skilled entrepreneur and knows how to get his business done.

What is pathetic is the gutless, ill informed, and misguided businessmen and businesswomen, from all walks of American life, who are ready to cave to race blackmail at the drop of a hat.

And since when is Sharpton the arbiter of determining what or who is racist? This is the same piece of garbage that assisted Tawana Brawley with her fabricated story of white men raping her.
Of course the black folks who stand up to the Sharpton's and Jackson's for being race baiting pimps are called "Uncle Toms" or as Juan Williams was told, "Go back to sitting on the front porch".

How about some white and black people get a backbone and stand up against this nonsense of throwing the "racist" word around when it doesn't apply. Rush Limbaugh is not racist but I’ll tell you who is, it’s Al Sharpton! I'm sick of this racist crap and it's about time you people stop before there’s a war. Most white and black people in this country do not have a problem with color. It's the democrats in Washington that are trying to start trouble and make believe there’s a race problem when there isn't.

Somewhere in Britain there's a village that's missing an Idiot.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown was on TV Monday to warn representatives of the world's biggest carbon polluters of a climate catastrophe if they do not strike a deal at the Copenhagen summit.
What a moron..and liberals spent 7 years slamming Tony Blair for anything and everything he and Bush did to free 50 million Muslims from tyranny instead of Nuking Mecca after 911 like I would have preferred (after a warning to flee the city of course)
Rumor has it that Gordy Brown and Al Gore are roomies over at Bellevue Insane Asylum. And come to think of it Obama's in the same room with both of them
What has this guy accomplished since coming into office other than becoming Obama's Poodle?
Somewhere in Britain there's a village that's missing an Idiot.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rush Limbaugh and Revend Al Sharpton

So now one has to be approved by Sharpton to buy a business?
The Rev. Al Sharpton wants the National Football League to block conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh from bidding on the St. Louis Rams.

I don't follow or listen to either one of those Reverend idiots, but this comment has me shaking my head. I thought we live in a capitalistic, free society that does not discriminate during a purchase of a product/entity/whatever, just because of somebody's politics that you happen to disagree with?
he same as when Sharpton ran his mouth to get Imus off TV.. I didn't agree with what Imus said, but I didn't think he should be thrown off the air. Let each person choose what they want to listen to; that's what the "off" button is for ... I certainly don't want Sharpton speaking for me!
Sharpton is a vile race pimp. I'm amazed the Left still gives him any mind.

Obama Fiddles While Afghanistan Burns

General McChrystal was very explicit in saying he needs more troops desperately or else the United States would be in danger of losing the entire conflict.
Did people stop dying in theater since Obama was inaugurated? Obama was very well briefed by the Bush Administration during the transition on all subjects. Bush did everything he could to ease the transition unlike he was treated after 2000. He has continued to keep his silence even though I am sure that the daily political attacks on him has to be infuriating. This is war time and our troops deserve a plan one way or the other.
Please people remember while Obama is dilly dallying our troops are being killed. Now that he has the Nobel Prize, who knows what he's going to do.
They really need our support right now. Moral is horrid. If you know someone who is in service now, please take the time to write them a note. Thank them for all they are doing for the rest of us. If you have the chance, thank the family also. The children of our troops are really scared. Some of these guys/gals are going over for the 5th time. The children do not understand. The guy in the big office was supposed to bring Daddy home not forget he is over there. Not only did he lie to everyone else, including the troops, he lied to us and he lied to the children.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

76 days since request for more troops, And Obama is still stalling

Yes, it's been 76 days since General McCryastal request for more troops and President Barack Obama has now held five war councils, they are starting to call it dithering. But he is still stalling while our troops are being killed on a daily basis. Every day our bravest and finest lay their lives on the line for you and I. With another council on the Afghan war scheduled for this week, US officials admit it could be November before a decision is finally taken.
From now until Obama sends more troops, every radio show should announce how many troops were killed today "because of this President's unwillingness to help them win."

Every time there's a troop casualty, people with a mike should call the POTUS out on it.
Let them see how they like the bodybag treatment.

Let's face it, Obama is trying to figure out a way to lose the war and blame Bush. This guy will lose the war ON PURPOSE and it is happening before our eyes.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

So Obama won the "Nobel Peace Prize"

So Obama won the "Nobel Peace Prize" It must be in honor of Obama de-funding the Iranian Humans rights watch group . He really hasn't done anything else besides betray out Eastern European (ex) allies.
And the Nobel Committee has underscore its complete utter absurd unseriousness.

The Nobel Peace Prize has became a badge of shame when it was a awarded to Yassir Arafat. The Award to Gore and then to Carter made it look silly on top of stupid. The Award to Obama is simply baseless.
I didn't know they awarded Nobel prizes for racism
Obviously they do now
What a bunch of clowns.

Who is having second thoughts about obama?

Obama is a Socialist. Did you really expect him to tell you the truth about his agendas? Ever?

He is a great stage performer but is totally dishonest.
The man tried to sneak no less than four people onto his cabinet who should be in orange jumpsuits rather than three piece suits. One of them is collecting YOUR tax money when he's guilty of tax fraud. These people owed more in back taxes than Wesley Snipes, and he went to PRISON.
Then he introduces the largest spending bill in American history, asking for money for a whole bunch of crap we don't even need to be doing, and calls it a "stimulus" bill, which is nothing more than something to feed his agenda and stroke his ego. What does he do? He belittles Congress for engaging in HEALTHY DEBATE before just blindly passing it. Congress was designed to put a check on the President's @ss, and instead of allowing government to work the way it's supposed to work, he throws a tantrum.

I'm not the kind to say "I told you so." I am the kind who allows people their opinions and their vote. Vote for the candidate I dislike, I always say, as long as you get involved and vote. I don't say all this to throw it in the faces of those who voted for President Obama, but I do want to point out that all this was done in the first month of this guy's Presidency
I could never support Obama because I was aware he is one of the people who helped create this financial meltdown. You Liberals should have listened to us from day one when we warned you that he's an affirmative-action ACORN fraud, Muslim communist terrorist-enabler who hates America and is using the Coward Strategy to destroy our free-enterprise system and install a socialist police-state.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Senators diverted $2.6 billion in Troop” funds to pet projects.

Yes, this is true, no joke my friends, The Senators diverted $2.6 Billion in funds in a defense spending bill to pet projects largely at the expense of accounts that pay for fuel, ammunition and training for U.S. troops, including those fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to an analysis. Among the 778 such projects, known as earmarks, packed into the bill: $25 million for a new World War II museum at the University of New Orleans. Yes, to build a NEW World War II museum at the University of New Orleans. I say NEW because they already have a beautiful World War II museum, I know because I have been there several times.
Ah, but the NEW museum will be named after TED KENNEDY. I guess that's the difference!
This idiotic bill was written by the IDIOT Senator Inouye! Please remember that name when you folks go to into that voting booth.
This is clearly like saying screw the troops, I need the pork to pay for my reelection. This Congress has truly become the cesspool of the nation.
What a wonderful commander in chief and congress. There are not enough words to describe these worms. This really boils my blood. Where the hell is the republican spokesperson on this? Everyday I see either Reid or Pelosi spitting lies out of their pie holes but never a republican. Where are the Republicans? Why are the missing out on so many opportunities to nail these creeps. Unbelievable is all I can say.
I don't ever want to hear a Democrat ever say "WE support the troops" ever again.