Monday, March 22, 2010

Don't Give Up Yet

Obama and his crony anarchists have one, big disadvantage. The are underestimating us. These people are not cultural Americans. They don't know and love her like we do. They have no respect for our founding fathers and principles.


  1. Hi, and thanks for coming by GeeeeeZ!
    (I love the Country song "What was I thinkin'!", by the way...cute name for your blog, too!)
    Today, it's more "What ARE THEY THINKING?" about the administration, huh? heh

    Did you hear that one of the Carolinas wants their textbooks to kids start history at the Civil War so they have time to teach GLOBAL WARMING and other GREENING? Yup. And, sure, they start about SLAVERY..'hate American first'! This way, you're so right...our kids not knowing the founding fathers' principles sure helps liberals take this country over handily, huh?

  2. Yep I did hear about that..
    BTW, thanks for your visit.

  3. I was listening to Medved on the way home today and a woman called in. She observed that he just doesn't seem like one of us. He's too cosmopolitan, reserved and coolly intellectual, detached from silly notions like American exceptionalism and patriotism.

    I attended a buddy's military retirement yesterday, and when they read his letter from the president is sounded weird at the end when the reader said, "President Barack Obama."

    My buddy Mike (a fellow retiree) elbowed me in the ribs and sideways whispered, "mine says George W!" We laughed and gave Greg a hard time about his letter when the ceremony was over.

  4. One other thing they underestimate is the power of the truth. Truth and love always wins in the end.